The programme Sentinelle enables you to manage the alarms and provides traceability of leaks and coolant levels. For a group or a condition, Sentinelle provides a global perspective of the systems in France, as well as worldwide, with one single, easy-to-operate graphic interface.
Each of the systems is identified on the map according to a colour code depending on the status of the DNI(s) of the system. In the magnifying glass of the Matelex logo, the figures represent the DNI number in the installation. The red indicates «leak detected», the green «no problem», etc. A menu opens that allows access to the desired DNI when you click on the magnifying glass.
Here we can see the trend curve for the fluid that Sentinelle models by making various corrections depending on the operating conditions. It is easy to see that the level (grey graph) was correct for the whole of the first part of the graph. After this it begins to fall (around 7 July). The DNI materialises the detection with a red icon on the graph and a pink background. We can also see that the coolant was recharged on 15 July and that the level has returned to normal and is stable after this. We can state that the leak has been repaired.
It is possible to delimit the graph between two dates and zoom in easily. This graph is also sent in the alarm email. Sentinelle estimates the loss in kg of coolant and in tonnes of equivalent CO2 as well as the leak rate of the system.
The intuitive interface of Sentinelle will allow access to different types of graphs or, in other words, of fluid, but also energy for systems equipped with an energy module. The graphs can be parametrised between two dates and the scales modified easily.