THE DNI can be equipped with a fluctuating HP module developed by Matelex.
This module replaces the existing regulation.

The fluctuating HP module consists of :

  • 4 relay outputs expandable to 12 by adding 2 modules of 4 relays
  • 1 inverter relay output for automatic/emergency ignition
  • 1 output of 4-20 mA for the variable speed drive
  • 1 output of 0-10 V for the EC motor
  • 6 digital inputs for starting the compressors
  • 1 digital input for switching the module on/off
  • 1 digital input for night mode (silent)
  • 1 input of 4-20 mA for the return of power of the variable speed drive
  • 1 RS485 Modbus for communicating with the GTC
  • 1 second bus for communicating with the GTC



The classic fluctuating HP responds to a modulation law of the order of High Pressure (HP) depending, principally, on the exterior temperature. With the DNI and its calculation power, Matelex goes much further in its management. The regulation of the Fluctuating HP module adapts to the real energy consumption measured with the energy module. The regulation will make brief attempts to exceed the classic law and check whether exceeding it is beneficial in energy terms; thus, the algorithm will make its law of regulation evolve dynamically*.

* Available in early 2016 for this type of regulation