The DNI is an expert, latest-generation system for coolant leak detection.


The DNI continuously measures the level of coolant in the tank(s) of the refrigeration system as well as other technical parameters such as temperatures and pressure.
All of this data will be saved every 2 or 3 seconds for several months in the DNI. Every hour, the DNI gathers all of the data and analyses it using various algorithms to determine whether the system is leaking or not. This operation is known as «leak inspection using indirect measurement methods», in accordance with the European regulations. As the DNI is capable of determining whether the system has begun to leak, it also constitutes a leak detector.

The alarm resulting from these analyses is known as a «statistical alarm». This is extremely accurate for detecting leakage. The DNI also integrates a low-level alarm for the tank, which is called a «classic low-level alarm». This alarm is an improved version of the «float or optical» alarm you will already be familiar with.

The DNI can be fitted in any type of refrigeration system of cooling or air conditioning. Nevertheless, the tank must be equipped with gates so that the column of liquid for measuring the level can be fitted. The optimum load of fluid in the refrigeration system is 500 or more tonnes of equivalent CO2, which corresponds, for example, to 128 kg of R404A for refrigeration and meets the strictest regulatory obligations (4 leak inspections and the compulsory fitting of a leak detector from 1 January 2015).