The library of fluids integrated in the DNI enables it to respond to all installations, from the oldest to the most recent. This includes CFCs, if they still exist, HCFCs and HFCs as well as the most recent HFOs, not forgetting the natural fluid NH3 - CO 2.

Thus, the DNI integrates more than 70 fluids.

It is even possible to create their own fluids in the DNI directly, using pure fluids and known mixtures, up to a maximum of 6 mixtures that would represent a certain % of the mass. The DNI is not limited to the calculation of the pressure > temperature relationship.

The power of the DNI makes it possible to calculate in real time all points of the thermodynamic cycle in the liquid or vapour stage (depending on the sensors placed).
Thus, the display of the DNI shows the densities, the mass volumes, the enthalpies, the entropies, the speeds of sound, etc. in real time.

Evidently, all of this data is also filed every 2 or 3 seconds and sent to Sentinelle for evaluation and to generate graphs. In real time, the DNI also calculates and presents the concentration in % of gas in the liquid in the case of flash-gas in the tank or liquid in the compressor intake gas.

All of these calculations are very useful for the energy audits.

Attention : our pressure sensors are designed only for CFCs, HCFCs and HFCs.