Matelex guarantees the DNI, its meter, its sensors and the complementary modules for one year from its initial start-up.
The guarantee is limited to repair or replacement; the labour costs shall be covered by the customer. The material shall be sent to Matelex with carriage paid by the customer. Matelex shall pay the expenses of returning the DNI.
The start date of the guarantee is that recorded in the settings file of the DNI, which is recorded the first time it is powered up (this date cannot be deleted or modified).


+ 1 year

If the DNI is connected to Sentinelle during the month following its initial start-up, the guarantee will be extended for one more year.

+ 3 years

After two years of connection to Sentinelle, some options of Sentinelle are no longer free and must be paid for by subscription. The subscription provides the right to extend the guarantee for three more years, and to the automatic updates of the DNI programme through Sentinelle and lots more.
If you choose not to subscribe, access to Sentinelle will continue to be free indefinitely, and you can consult the fluid graphs, the alarm emails sent, the management of the alarms and the access to all of the data.