The DNI is quick and easy to install.

Nevertheless, for the installation of the exterior column to be possible, the tank must have two gates installed directly inside the body, one gate at the top and another at the bottom of the tank.
If there are no gates, it will be necessary to fit them instead of the warning lights or the optical alarm.

Installation and configuration manual





The meter must be placed near the tank. The different temperature probes, the pressure sensor and the extensiometric gauge, which enables the level of liquid in the tank to be measured, are connected from this meter.

New: The new meter (2016 – photo) will be magnetic and will be stuck onto the tank. The probes and the sensor are preconnected with cables measuring 3 m long. It will not be necessary to lay a cable to install the exterior probe, as it will work with radio waves.

One single exterior radio wave probe will be enough for several DNI.
The exterior probe has a photovoltaic panel to guarantee its energy autonomy. This emitter is also magnetic and can be stuck to any metal surface on the roof or vertical covering.

Matelex works to facilitate the placement of the DNI to save time during assembly.