The Ethernet communication enables the DNI to send its data and communicate with our Sentinelle program through a security protocol. For security reasons, connection between the exterior and the DNI is not possible. Therefore, we do not need to know the DNI IP.



WIFI is another means of communication with Sentinelle. In this case, the protocol is also secured and a WPA password enables the communications to be encrypted. The WIFI radio cuts out after each communication, which is always exclusively initiated by the DNI.



Bluetooth will be available in early 2016. It will enable communication between the DNI and a tablet or smartphone. Bluetooth will be very useful for the compact version of the DNI, as it will not have a touch screen.


Wireless outdoor temperature

We are always available to facilitate the installation of the DNI and help save time during assembly. For this reason, from early 2016 a radio emitter module for the exterior temperature will be available. This unique emitter will send the exterior temperature to all of the DNI in the same location.


Energy module Modbus

In addition to the reading of the input powers, the connection of the energy module to the DNI through the bus enables communication of the data from the DNI and its surroundings to a GTC by means of a Modbus RS485 bus. See the energy module.